At APN DOMOTIQUE Inc., we believe in hiring the most talented professionals to build our company. Our passion for excellence is reflected in both the quality of our products and the service we provide to our customers. Each of our employees has the ability to influence and contribute to the success of the company, and to be part of a winning team.

By joining APN DOMOTIQUE Inc., you will join a team of proven, experienced, technical and business leaders who have successfully pioneered new products and companies.


APN DOMOTIQUE Inc. aims to promote young entrepreneurs to know how to train a few in the business, assisting them in the process of creating their small businesses. These small companies will subsequently be the exclusive representatives (via a win-win partnership) and will be the linchpin of APN DOMOTIQUE's activities in Cameroon and Central Africa.

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APN Domotique Inc. also want to give the possibility to young passionate in home automation, job seekers, entrepreneurs, technicians, students ... to take training in order to become their own boss with the support of our partners.

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