We are Innovative

APN Domotique INC. is a Canadian company with diversified and multi-industry technology serving a range of customers in three continents. Established in 2015, in Western Canada, we are specialized in the design, supply, installation and maintenance of high-quality security systems through smart homes and telecommunication facilities.

With more than a thousand customers under our belt, we understand that the security requirements are different for each client. Different security measures need to be put in place for individuals, small businesses and large corporations. That's why we invest a lot of time in understanding your unique security requirements, to provide you with a tailored plan just for you! Exceeding the standards established by Underwriters Laboratories of Canada and Canada, you can count on us for all your technological needs in terms of security and automation.

Our Qualities

Ease of Use

At APN Domonique Inc., ease of use is the most important principle for any electronic system that we design. However, this is the one area that most often gets overlooked by other companies. It doesn’t matter how great is your system if you never use it. You can have a fantastic data/media room, but if you have to remember which remote control/key fob does what, you won't enjoy using it. A whole house/ commercial electronic system should be something that you can use every day. Whether we design a system that gives you one touch access to control your whole system using keypads/phone apps or touch panels, you will find your system simple and fun to use.


Reliability means we choose proven equipment that we know will work every time. Choosing components that we know are high quality and dependable are essential to a solid system. These systems become A part of your everyday life, so we know how important it is to have minimal to no down time.


Each system that we design is customized to you and your lifestyle. We choose components that blend into your décor and fit into the dream that you have for your place. We can hide multiple light switches, volume controls, thermostats, security keypads, and many other necessary devices, by integrating these systems together. This will eliminate “wall clutter” and focus attention on the beauty of your home.


Beyond being easy to use, reliable, and attractive, we want your system to exceed your expectations. Depending upon how you want to use your system, the budget that you have, and your lifestyle, we design a system that performs the way you have always dreamed.

Our Mission

It is all about highest security standards

Designed and customized security solutions

Stay innovative: keeping the systems up to date

Fire and security solutions…

Our Values


Because the human capital of APN DOMOTIQUE Inc. represents its main strengths,
As well as with our customers, we also support our employees who, on a daily basis, enhance the image of the company.

At APN DOMOTIQUE Inc., we take time to:

  1. greet our employees,
  2. adjust their working time so that they can be more efficient,
  3. thank them for the work done,
  4. highlight their contribution in any project,
  5. involve them in decision making,
  6. give them feedback on their work,
  7. listen and take into consideration the needs of each.

The customer:

Because APN DOMOTIQUE Inc’s existence depends on his customers,
The listening and satisfaction of customers are its main motivations. APN DOMOTIQUE Inc. constantly seeks to understand their requirements and satisfy their needs.


Because the customers of APN DOMOTIQUE Inc. have to pay the right price,
APN DOMOTIQUE Inc. intends to work and act responsibly and efficiently, seeking the most economical ways in all its actions.

Futur focus:

Because APN DOMOTIQUE Inc. is a company of tomorrow,
We rely on innovation, to better meet the needs of our customers and develop our activities.

Leading by Example:

Because the respect of others is a cardinal value of APN DOMOTIQUE Inc.,
Respect being a constitutive value of authority, the management team of APN does not strive to give orders to collaborators but respects mutually every single staff and adapts unconditionally to the values of APN. At APN DOMOTIQUE Inc., leaders know how to be respected by respecting those around them: collaborators, customers, service providers...

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